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Book 10 | She, He, They

Families, gender and coping with transition


Shirley Young


The media regularly carry stories about individuals who have transitioned to another gender but rarely do we hear about the impact this can have on families. In this book Shirley Young documents how challenging gender transition can be for both parents and siblings. Ultimately this is a story of hope and resilience. It shows that if parents can move beyond the shock and pain provoked by their offspring’s transition it may bring them closer together as a family and be a life enhancing experience.


‘A raw, honest and heartfelt account of the response of one family to the bombshell news of their child's transition from female to male to non-binary.’  Founder parent TransparenTsees


‘Insightful, moving and refreshingly honest, Shirley Young tackles an often emotive subject head on. It is a gentle, warm and considered exploration of trans issues from a parent’s point of view.’ Carrie Lyall, DIVA magazine


Shirley Young is currently an independent trainer and consultant in the disability field, an area of work she moved into when her second child was born with cerebral palsy. She has been a member of the Big Lottery Fund Scotland Committee, and the Education Scotland Board. For six years she chaired the Family Fund Trust. 


The book is 121 pages long. It is published on October 24th 2016