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Book 04 | Scotland's Local Food Revolution
Mike Small

This book lifts the lid on the unsavoury reality of our current food system including horsemeat in processed beef products, the unsustainable movement of food round the globe, and how supermarket shopping generates massive waste. It’s an indictment of a food system that is out of control.

But this is also a hopeful book as it describes the local food movement in Scotland and how demands for change are growing in strength to re-capture control of the food system. It also shows how individuals can take simple steps to switch to more sustainable and healthy eating and evaluates what the Scottish Government is doing to address these profoundly important issues.

Mike Small is the co-founder and director of the Fife Diet. He has a background in Social Ecology, is an expert in the life and influence of Patrick Geddes and the regionalist tradition and is passionate about turning the tide on the relentless globalisation of the food supply. He is a writer, activist and publisher on issues of climate crisis and ‘collapsonomics’.

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