A must read for every adult in Scotland … Well read and researched, he [Danny Murphy] uses his extensive experience to lay out his case. It is very persuasive … It is writing full of optimism as all good postcards ought to be.
(Ken Cunningham, General Secretary, School Leaders Scotland)


Book 7 | Schooling Scotland
Education, equity and community


Daniel Murphy

Can today's schools providing the best education for all children growing up in Scotland, now and in the future? If not, why not and what should we do to improve our schooling system?

In answering these questions, this book shows how schools both mirror and shape contemporary society, its strengths and its weaknesses. While children's experience of school continues to improve, unfair social inequalities persist.

Current models of schooling as a 'service', delivered to 'service users' by expert professionals who are accountable to politicians through officials, are flawed both in theory and in practice. Bringing up children is everyone's responsibility. To ensure that all Scotland's children get the school education they deserve, Daniel Murphy argues for a better partnership of parent, child, school, government and community - one to which all of Scotland can contribute and from which all our children can benefit."

Daniel Murphy has worked across the Scottish education system for the past 40 years. He has been a teacher of history and politics, a local authority adviser and head teacher of three different secondary schools. He was the founder Director of the Centre for Educational Leadership at the University of Edinburgh and is now a Senior Teaching Fellow.  He is the author a variety of education books. He brings a lifelong passion and a vivid insider's insight to the challenges of helping schools do better for all Scotland's children.

Publication date: Autumn 2014

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